• The Five Essential Spelling Rules Tubicles


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    The Tubicles are a unique approach for teaching the five essential spelling rules. Students and teachers love using these 3-D, tactile, and color-coded tools to learn, teach, and review the rules.


    The set of Spelling Rules Tubicles includes five color-coded cardboard boxes that present the five essential Spelling Rules. The Tubicles are an ideal tool for the teacher when introducing the rules to students, and then serve as a reference tool for students when spelling in class or later at home. 


    What are the Five Essential Spelling Rules?

    • The Floss Rule (when to double final f, l, s)
    • The Rabbit/Nibble Rule (when to double a middle consonant)
    • The Doubling Rule (when to double the final consonant before adding a suffix)
    • Dropping Rule (when to drop the final silent e before a suffix)
    • The Changing Rule (when to change final y to i).


    Each color-coded Tubicle offers four sides of content:

    • A full-color illustration with the name of each rule
    • The rule itself
    • Example words that follow the rule
    • Definitions of relevant vocabulary

     Key features of The Spelling Rules Tubicles:

    • A self-contained package of all necessary information for introducing, reviewing, and practicing all five essential spelling rules
    • Acts as a quick and easy reference tool in the classroom
    • Tangible-- something for the student to touch and hold rather than just to view
    • Easy to hold and manipulate, even for young students
    • Offers space inside for additional materials or surprises for the students, inspiring creativity
    • Compatible with all spelling programs 

    Fun fact:

    Don’t try to find the word tubicles in any dictionary. It came from the dyslexic mind of its inventor, Mr. Bar, to describe the compact and tube-like shape of this product.


  • The Five Essential Spelling Rules Tubicles
  • The Five Essential Spelling Rules Tubicles
  • The Five Essential Spelling Rules Tubicles

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