Ucnlearn (you see and learn) emphasizes visual, image-based learning for students with dyslexia, ESL/ELL learners, as well as learners in traditional classrooms.

Our products are an addition to any Orton-Gillingham-based curriculum such as:

Basic Language Skills

Sounds in Syllables

Alphabetic Phonics

Take Flight

Multisensory Teaching Approach for Reading,Spelling and Handwriting

Multisensory Reading & Spelling 

Scientific Spelling

and similar programs.

Our clients

Our products are used by dyslexia and educational therapists as well as teachers in regular classrooms.

Our Products:

The Spelling Rules Tubicles are a unique approach for teaching the five essential spelling rules. Students and instructors love using these 3-D, tactile, and color-coded tools to learn, teach, and review the rules.


The Spell the Picture Cards offer hours of practice with the five essential spelling rules. These 65 whimsical, illustrated cards make spelling practice fun and engaging.


The cards in the Essential Suffix Decks (1 & 2) and Prefix Decks (1 & 2) pair vivid illustrations with keywords and definitions. The images help students remember the keywords and the meanings.

Root Word & Game Cards


Products Manual