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    The Spell the Picture Cards offer hours of practice with the five essential spelling rules. These 65 whimsical, illustrated cards make spelling practice fun and engaging.

    This set featuring 65 color-coded cards including original artwork. Students identify the pictured word and then spell it, delighting in practicing spelling in an out-of-the-ordinary way. These cards are the perfect way to connect the Spelling Rules Tubicles and a spelling activity.


    Key features of The Spell the Picture Cards

    • Color-coded to match the Tubicles and the five essential spelling rules
    • Whimsical, original artwork that brings meaning to words and spelling
    • Industry research shows that illustrations strengthen the memory process by offering multiple sensory inputs
    • Provide a language-rich context for learning with opportunities for oral language development and discussion
    • Infuse fun into the spelling process

     What are the Five Essential Spelling Rules?

    • the Floss Rule (when to double final f, l, s)
    • the Rabbit/Nibble Rule (when to double a middle consonant)
    • the Doubling Rule (when to double the final consonant before adding a suffix)
    • Dropping Rule (when to drop the final silent e before a suffix)
    • the Changing Rule (when to change final y to i).

    Fun facts:

    It took the illustrator Meir Bar (the inventor’s father) more than three months to create the original large-scale, freehand pencil drawings for these cards.


  • Spell the Picture Cards
  • Spell the Picture Cards
  • Spell the Picture Cards
  • Spell the Picture Cards

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