• The Essential Suffix Deck -Part 2 (12 cards)


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    The cards of the two Essential Suffix Decks (1 & 2) offer a unique approach to learning and reviewing suffixes by pairing vivid illustrations with keywords and definitions. The images ignite the students’ imagination, making the cards a favorite learning tool.

    Deck #2 includes the following suffixes ( a total of 12 cards):

    Card #1: Suffix -en (keyword: wooden)

    Card #2: Suffix -en (keyword: sweeten )

    Card #3: Suffix -es (keyword: glasses)

    Card #4: Suffix -ly (keyword: safely)

    Card #5: Suffix -y (keyword : sunny)

    Card #6: Suffix -ish (keyword: reddish)

    Card #7: Suffix -ous (keyword: joyous)

    Card #8: Suffix -able (keyword: breakable)

    Card #9: Suffix -ment (keyword: government)

    Card #10: Suffix -ship (keyword: friendship)

    Card #11: Suffix -age (keyword: baggage)

    Card #12: Suffixes -al & -ial (keywords: personal, industrial)


     Intro to suffix -s

    Reviewing the suffix cards:

  • The Essential Suffix Deck -Part 2 (12 cards)
  • The Essential Suffix Deck -Part 2 (12 cards)

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